lucy_chronicles (lucy_chronicles) wrote in libertyparents,

New Social site for Libertarian women; announcement


I'd like to invite you all to check out (and join) the new social
networking site I have recently created called "The LIBERTARIAN WOMAN: A
Gathering Place for Today's Libertarian Woman at:
<> (An additional goal is to begin
publishing a magazine by the same name in 2010)

While many valuable liberty-oriented social networking sites exist, The
LIBERTARIAN WOMAN was created with the specific purpose of connecting
women within the Liberty Movement who clearly identify themselves as
Libertarian (philosophically/politically) with a shared interest in
living and promoting the Libertarian message.

The groups we are creating within this site reflect that intention and
can be seen in their titles, such as: Libertarian Women Candidates and
Campaigns, Libertarian Motherhood, The Illinois Libertarian Woman, The
Michigan Libertarian Woman, etc...

This is a gathering place for us Libertarian women educators, activists,
candidates, entrepreneurs, mothers (and those of us who happily blend
many of these roles).

Looking forward to your input via the site!

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