geeklove (ms_cantrell) wrote in libertyparents,

what do you think?

is anyone watching this community these days?

recently, i was discussing McClellan's website with a group of parents, and i thought their opinions were kind of interesting.

for those of you who didn't see it on the news a short while back, McClellan had a website that facilitated pedophiles, acted as a guidebook for 'child lovers', and also advocated for pedophilia.

what was interesting to me was the number of parents who thought that advocating pedophilia should be illegal [basically, that it should be illegal just to say that pedophilia is not a bad thing, and that you can have consensual touch with a child].

i think most libertarians would agree that advocating should be legal, period. but what about facilitating?

with other, previoiusly argued types of facilitation like explosives and indoor growing lights, there are possible legal uses. but is there any possible legal use for the knowledge of how to train a child to accept sexually motivated touch? or for how to lure children away from their guardians? and, given that there's no legal use for that knowledge, should facilitating pedophilia be illegal?
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Should publishing instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb be illegal?

How about publishing strategies for overthrowing a government? How about YOUR government?

How about bypassing Airport Security, successfully laundering money, defeat a polygraph test, dispose of a body so it can't be found, etc.

None of those thing have any possible "Legal" use either, should we allow that information to be published?

I don't think that potential "Legal" uses of information should have any bearing on whether or not it should be published because that would presuppose that the Law was valid in the first place.

Information is information and it's dissemenation should never be illegal, only how you use that information to act should ever be legislated against.
No, child abuse should never be advocated. Period. I think we can have an argument about what constitutes child abuse, but molesting them is definitely on the list.