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Seize the Children!

I'm sure someone here can correct me if I am wrong, but I think this is wrong:

Winnipeg 'white pride' mother regrets redrawing swastika on child's arm

Absent evidence of physical harm, or psychological harm (let's face it, a sizable fraction of all "beliefs" might be considered as arguably psychologically harmful) of the kind that inevitably results in sociopathy, I do not believe the State ought be seizing the childrens.

It's a cliche, yes, but at which point does one draw the line. Right? Some Christians probably believe homosexuals and even non-believers are at least as deplorable as POC, or that they themselves are least in a similar stead, as to superiority, as does White Pride Mom. Some Islamic people probably believe in the destruction of infidels and Jews and others. Etc, you get the drift.

Yah, sure, send the kid home from school with instruction not to return with her mom's heart on her sleeve, as it were, but seize the children?

University of Winnipeg professor Helmut-Harry Loewen, an expert on hate groups, said while he disagrees with the ideology, he fears taking custody based on beliefs is draconian.

"If children are apprehended based on parents' political or religious beliefs, then one is opening a kind of slippery slope," he said.

But University of Manitoba professor Harvy Frankel, dean of the faculty of social work, said officials did the right thing.

"We should be reassured that this is child welfare practice as it should be."

In spite of my strong objections to idiot mom's beliefs, somehow, I am not very reassured, at all - matter of fact, that statement, itself, scares the crap outta me.

Just thought some might find this interesting.

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